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Gas Measurement for Inert Atmosphere Glove Boxes

Inerting is the reduction or displacement of the oxygen in the atmosphere by the flushing or purging of the space with an inert gas like nitrogen. This reduction in the oxygen content may be for a number of design engineering reasons like:

• Oxygen sensitive products.
• Safety from explosions by reducing the oxygen level below the RMOC Flammable atmospheres can exist during the use of flammable liquids during production or cleaning after use.
• The Isolator is connected to another inerted vessel, which may have their connection open during various stages of the process.


The primary concern when installing this type of equipment is towards that of eliminating the risk of exposure to the operator from the product or process. Once this is complete the design engineer must also consider the risks associated with the use and operation of the Glove Box or Isolator from the types of operations and processes that will be carried out by the equipment when in normal day to day use.

This barrier isolation must be uncompromising at all stages of product handling from Charging to Sampling to Drying to Packing to Cleaning etc. During many of these operations the atmosphere within the Isolator will need to be controlled and on many of these circumstances this involves the Inerting of this atmosphere.

The Ntron Solution

Ntron has developed an in-line SIL 2 rated Oxygen Analyzer designed specifically for harsh applications within the additive manufacturing industry.

We have the ability to supply either in-line or extractive oxygen measurement systems designed to maintain an inert environment for product quality and process safety applications. We have developed a range of oxygen analyzers specifically for OEM manufacturers of inert gloveboxes. We can measure oxygen from 0.1 ppm up to 25% oxygen. We can supply fuel cell or zirconia sensor technology which has a fast response time from ambient oxygen and also a long sensor life with no drift.

Gaztrak Oxygen Analyzer

GazTrak Oxygen & Moisture Transmitter

Housed in an ergonomic high impact case the GazTrak has a large touch screen and has onboard data logging. The GazTrak has a reliable long life zirconia sensor with a fast response time from 1ppm to 25% Oxygen.
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Microx Oxygen Analyzer

The Microx is a compact and robust oxygen analyser that utilises zirconia or electrochemical technology to give a reliable measurement of oxygen concentration.
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SenzTx Oxygen Sensor Transmitter

Senz-Tx Oxygen Sensor Transmitter

The SenzTx is a compact and robust O2 transmitter that utilises zirconia or electrochemical technology to give a reliable measurement of oxygen concentration. The zirconia sensor offers fast response time and a long service life with virtually no drift, whilst the electrochemical sensor allows measurement in background gases containing hydrocarbons.
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