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Metal Additive Manufacturing

Metal additive manufacturing is the process of creating a 3D object from a CAD model by building it up from metal powder, layer by layer. This technology can produce complex shapes that are not possible with traditional manufacturing methods.

The most common industries to commission production of specific components are aerospace, defense and transport, so reducing the chances of oxidization of the metal during the build process is essential as this can lead to a build failure, stress test failure or also a density test failure due to low quality standards. Interstitial absorption of any oxide embrittles the weld and may render the component useless.

Why Additive Manufacturing versus traditional methods?

This technology can reduce material waste, the amount of steps in the production process, and decrease the amount of distinct parts in the assembly process by a significant amount.

The future adoption of this technology in many industries depends on the measurement and control of oxygen concentration within the manufacturing process.

The Ntron Solution

Ntron has developed an in-line SIL 2 rated Oxygen Analyzer designed specifically for harsh applications within the additive manufacturing industry.

Additive Manufacturing Process Diagram


SIL-02 Oxygen Analyser

The SIL2 rated oxygen analyzer has been developed specifically for the measurement of oxygen for safety critical application within the chemical and pharmaceutical industry.
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Microx Oxygen Analyser

The Ntron OxyTx oxygen analyzer is designed to use with Ntron’s range of chemically resistant oxygen sensors which are suitable for use in monitoring oxygen on harsh chemical applications.
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OxyTX Oxygen Analyser

OxyExtract Oxygen Analyser

The OxyExtract Range of IECEx/ATEX approved retractable InLine Oxygen Sensors along with the OxyOne Analyzer and ACCU Calibration unit, provide a cost effective solution to meet your process safety requirements.
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OxyProbe Sensor

The long life solid state Oxyprobe 200 is designed for In-Situ measurement of Oxygen concentration on harsh Chemical Applications within the Fine Chemical and Pharmaceutical industry.

SenzTx Oxygen Analyser

Senz-Tx Oxygen Sensor Transmitter

The Senz-Tx is a highly reliable and cost-effective transmitter with a linearized 4 to 20 mA output. It has a minimum detection range of 0-10 ppm up to 0-96% Oxygen.
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SenzTx Oxygen Analyser

OxyOne Oxygen Analyser

OxyOne has been designed specifically for the monitor and control of inert process applications. It is capable of accepting two separate oxygen sensors and it is designed to interface directly with Ntron’s inline or extractive sampling systems.

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